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K.U.B | The Kitchen Set

K.U.B | The Kitchen Set

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The Warden K.U.B - (Kitchen Utensils Bag) full camping kitchen set is the ultimate car camper's dream with 35+ Stainless Steel kitchen items

Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure like no other with our meticulously curated camping kitchen set. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this comprehensive collection brings together a grand total of 40 indispensable items, all made from high-quality 304 stainless steel.

🍴 Campsite Cutlery: Enjoy the comforts of home with our set of 4 rugged forks, knives, and spoons - crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, perfect for all your outdoor dining needs. 

🔪 Cook with Confidence: Our flat-spatula and round-spoon are the trusty companions you need to whip up mouthwatering meals over the campfire or portable stove.

🍴 Convenient Tong: Keep your hands safe and food secure with the 12” tong, a must-have for effortless food handling during your outdoor feasts.

🔪 Prep Like a Pro: From slicing ingredients on the cutting sheet/board to opening cans with ease, our handy can opener ensures meal preparation is a breeze.

🍽️ Dine in Style: Savor delicious camping dishes on durable stainless steel plates, while the 10” frypan lets you sizzle up savory delights under the open sky.

🍵 Cups, Bowls, and Plates for Everyone: The set includes 4 cups, 4 bowls, and 4 plates - making sure all your camping companions dine in comfort and convenience.

☕ Warmth on Demand: Brew your favorite hot beverages with our 1.4 L kettle and enjoy moments of warmth with the double cups - a true camping delight.

🔥 Embrace the Grill: Turn your campsite into a gourmet barbecue paradise with the essential grill grate, perfect for cooking up mouthwatering grilled goodies.

🍜 Bowlfuls of Flavor: Delight in hearty soups, stews, and more with our double bowls and cooking pot - essential for satisfying campsite cooking.

🍷 Toast to Adventure: Celebrate outdoor escapades with the corkscrew/beer/wine opener, raising a glass to cherished memories and good times.

🧺 Cozy Dining Setup: Unwind on our comfy picnic blanket, adding a touch of style and comfort to your outdoor dining experience - wherever the journey takes you!




  • Fork (4)
  • Knife (4)
  • Spoon (4)
  • Flat Spatula (1)
  • Ladle (1)
  • 12” Tongs (1) 


  • 10” Frypan (1)
  • 1.4 L Kettle  (1)
  • Grill Grate  (1)

Kitchen Tools:

  • Cutting Board  (1)
  • Can Opener  (1)
  • Corkscrew/Beer/Wine  (1)


  • Plates  (4)
  • Double-walled Coffee Cups (4)
  • Double-walled Soup Bows ( 4)

Outdoor Dining:

  • Picnic Blanket (1)

Gear up, and let the outdoor culinary adventure begin with our Complete Campsite Kitchen Set!

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